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Business philosophy
Based on the business philosophy:People-oriented, integrity, law-abiding business, think as the clients think, need as the customer need, Qinghong is rapidly and steady developing. At the same time, we pay attention to the construction of sales teams. After years of training and integration, our business has been covering the whole country and formed a compact, stable, efficient and united sales team,which comprehensively strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises and the overall cohesion, also provides a solid foundation of healthy and fast development for the enterprise.
The company adopts the advanced pharmaceutical industry "link marketing" concept, is willing to work with the industry colleagues to carry out the depth of a variety ways of cooperation of the market. The main channels are national regional medicine commercial companies, the major national medicine wholesale market and specialized private hospitals across the country。
Company always pays attention to brand marketing concept, in order to "meet and create needs" as the objective, wholeheartedly for the general new and old friends to provide the most perfect pre-sale, sale and after-sale service. At the same time vigorously develop new products, and established a perfect production management system and quality certification system. Rely on good faith to create our own brand, occupy the market by quality, service to win business opportunities, rely on management to enterprise development. we are stride forward with the vigorous development momentum.

Company faith:
Customer: Customer satisfaction and success is the most important yardstick to measure our performance
Staff: The most valuable wealth of company. The improvement of staff quality and professional knowledge is the company's growth in wealth. Staff welfare and living standard is the embodiment of company performance
Product:The development of innovative products is the company's track
Quality:Product and service quality is the lifeline for the development of the company
Brand:The bright mirror of company products and services
Market:Find and develop the most suitable for our market, and strive to achieve the highest share
Management:Standardization, specialization and humanization, informationization, diversification

Our team:
Health team!
Health career!
The greatest pleasure of individual is continuously surpass ourselves in the work !
The greatest pleasure of team the seamless cooperation between members and obtain a bigger development!
Companies adhering to the the faith of "employees are the most precious wealth" , and advocate "make employees work happily and stimulate, bloom the enthusiasm of the employees and potential, to promote the harmonious development of the whole team!"